Volvo 9700 Ishift (1.31)

Volvo B9R Ishift with 6 Hanif Enterprise skins. The bus was originally made by DBMX team and was edited to be a right hand uk coach by Sultan Mahmud. I’ve tweaked a few more stuff like adding the original suspension, engines and transmission ratios for Ishift. Skin credits go to IBS gaming for his brilliant contribution!!!
Note: Only works in pro bd map
Game Version: 1.31
Dealer: MAN (LOL)
How to activate:
Mod Serial:
  1. Volvo 9700 Alpha 1/2/3/4/5/6 (Jei skin ta choose korechen)
  2. Volvo 9700 edit
  3. Volvo 9700 def
  4. Volvo 9700 base
Note: Only activate 1 alpha (glass sticker) depending one the paint you want you play with!!!

Download Volvo 9700


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